Our Mission

The Beth C. Tortolani Foundation was developed to support and organize programs and services which provide resources, knowledge and skills to women with breast cancer and their families in order to enhance the quality of their lives.  We are proud to once again offer Breast Cancer Education Project Grants to organizations within the New York demographic area of the Five Boroughs including Westchester, Nassau and Suffolk Counties, that support and provide these services in accordance with our mission.



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About Beth

She was young and courageous, gentle and strong, but mostly the very best teacher of children with severe limitations, and the one friend anyone ever needed. Beth was independent and competitive, protective of family and friends, but giving in time, friendship and resources to anyone in need. She was an understanding listener and a logical advisor. She would be most happy that so much has been done by so few for so many.

-Anthony J. Tortolani, M.D.

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From Friends

"The BCT Foundation is such an important tribute to Beth's legacy. She would be so proud of this organization's commitment to helping people with breast cancer improve their lives. This is precisely what Beth stood for."

— L.K.


“...More impactful than all the words of encouragement she gave me was the magnificent model she provided as a devoted wife, mother, professional and life-long learner. Beth would simply wake up and decide what new skill she wanted to master or what idea she wanted to bring to fruition and then she would simply go for it."

— P.DB.


“The things that stand out most to us about Beth are that she treasured her family above everything else. She was dedicated to her profession and the children in her care. Her love for breeding horses was evident in the results she produced, but her family came first.”

— J. & P. P.

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