Accepting Applications for 2017/2018

The Breast Cancer Education Project Grant.

Application Deadlines
10/15/17, 12/15/17, 2/15/18, 5/15/18, 8/15/18, 10/15/18

Grant Award Period
1 Year



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The Beth C. Tortolani Foundation is offering grants for existing or new programs with innovative projects regarding breast cancer meeting the following criteria:                       


            • informational programs directed towards individuals diagnosed with breast               cancer

            • informational programs directed towards the families of individuals                                  diagnosed with breast cancer

            • informational support programs for the community referencing breast cancer


Applications must be submitted by the director of the project before the required deadlines.  Please e-mail complete application to and mail six complete hard copies of each applications as well.  Applications should include the following for review: 

Mail to: Beth C. Tortolani Foundation, P.O. Box 1004, Manhasset, NY 11030

             • A summary of the proposed project including format guidelines listed below.  Do not identify the title of the program or the name of the program director, so the review committee may review it in an unbiased manner.  It should be no longer than five pages in length.  Applications should not include any bound material.


Format for the summary should include:

1.     Narrative description of project, including statement of the issue to be addressed, the identified need, the population to be served, strategies to achieve goals.  Please also include any unique aspects of this project and how it differs from other programs in your demographic area.

     2.   Overall project objectives and goals

            a.) acknowledgement of BCT Foundation on literature and/or materials

            b.) review of comparable programs in your service area

            c.) mechanism for evaluation

            d.) total budget for the project including what % of the budget the project                             reflects

            e.) other funding sources (both committed and pending) and the level of                               support

            f.) amount requested for funding

            g.) post grant sustainability of project or possible future funding sources

     3.   Curriculum vitae of the project director and project personnel


The final decision regarding the grant application will be made by the grants committee.  Upon approval, the organization will be notified by issuance of a letter of agreement that includes payment of requested funding amount. Acceptance of grant funding indicates agreement to terms set forth in the grant application including detailed six-month and twelve-month followup evaluations of program, detailed finalized budget, and acknowledgement standards.